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Helping companies recruit exceptional information technology talent to meet temporary or permanent needs in a rapidly changing and evolving industry.

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Because technology is at the heart of today's business environment, we are experiencing a shortage of skilled labour. In a situation of full employment, attracting talent has become a frantic and grueling process.

It is with a distinct personalized approach, high standards, rigorous methods, and integrity that we want to change recruitment practices in the field of information technology. We want to simplify and humanize processes with our clients, our candidates, our partners and our suppliers.

People are our passion, and we are enthusiastic about sharing it.

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we are asked...

Candidates who are competent in their field are over-solicited by a multitude of firms, recruiters and agencies. This has the effect of an overbidding market along with increasingly cavalier recruitment practices, which leads to a loss of quality. Most recruiting firms work on volume; to fill the most positions the fastest, without having a long-term view. At Virage, we value the experience of going through the recruitment process. Our approach to recruitment is human and qualitative. We are an extension of your brand.

By offering candidates authenticity and transparency, we aim to humanize the candidate experience and thus raise the standards of quality in the recruitment process.

We don't just know the industry, we're part of it. For us, technology is not just keywords that help us to identify candidates, we go beyond concepts to understand technology and the impact it has on businesses.

We don't work on commission. Our business model allows us to work on each mandate with depth and high quality standards. This is the advantage of working on fewer mandates simultaneously, but effectively managing each of them.

At Virage, accepting a mandate means committing as a true partner; consider us as your specialized recruitment branch. We do not give up until we've delivered on our promise, beyond the point where other firms and agencies stop. Our clients understand this and see the direct benefit of using our services exclusively. In the end, it is their brand image that benefits.

We see ourselves as an extension of your company, so we assume the risk together. We align with good market practices and offer guarantee periods that vary according to parameters defined together.