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Our mission :

Helping companies recruit exceptional IT talent to meet temporary or permanent needs in a rapidly evolving market.

Technology is at the forefront of today’s business landscape. Given the many challenges facing today’s employment market, consistently modernizing our approach is a means for survival.

We do things differently. Pushing CVs in batches is a thing of the past. We are an extension of your brand and accompany you throughout the entire recruitment journey.

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What defines us :

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we are asked...

Qualified candidates are bombarded by a multitude of recruiters. This excessive demand for a limited supply of talent results in increasingly careless recruitment practices and a loss of quality. Most recruitment firms know this and compensate by taking on excessive volume to compensate. We value the candidate experience as it is critical for our clients’ power of attraction. Our approach is personalized, structured, and adapted to standout in today’s ultra-competitive market.

We believe in quality over quantity. By being authentic and transparent, we aim to humanize the candidate experience where many recruiters commoditize it.

We don’t just know the industry; we are part of it.

No! It would be absurd to promote a qualitive recruitment process while incentivizing a volume-based approach.

Yes! To avoid diluting our client’s brand image and maximizing their power of attraction we work on an exclusive basis. Just think about it; How would you like being contacted by 3 different recruiters for the same job with a different message?

Yes! As an extension of your brand, we share the risk. We are aligned with market best practices and offer guarantee periods that vary according to dually established criteria.