what we offer


We look for and find the right person, for the right job, for your business. We cover professional and high-level positions in all aspects of information technology. We adapt our research and approach to your DNA, your managerial style, your culture and your working environment.

Our radius of intervention is not limited to Canada: in the context of searching for scarce profiles, we are equipped to carry out international searches.


More and more companies look to call upon specific expertise for one-off needs. Virage supports these companies by providing consulting services. We offer various solutions to accompany technology consultants who wish to carry out challenging mandates that are different from what is offered to them in the permanent candidate marketplace, whether they are incorporated or not.


Sometimes, before embarking on a technological project or a digital transformation, a company wants to make sure that the right talent and expertise is available in the market. In such a case, talent mapping allows strategic decisions to be made based on the availability of such talent. Mapping is also a powerful tool to create a portrait of the workforce in a defined market and context, or simply to monitor the competition.

Our commitment

Our high-quality delivery standards are the same, irrespective of the scarcity of profiles, their seniority, or the multiplicity of positions.

Regardless of the type of mandate we handle, our clients know that we apply the same approach :

  • Follow-up and detailed weekly reports
  • Transparent feedback on the employment issues related to your field
  • Consulting throughout the duration of the mandate
  • Coaching on your image, your employer brand, your power of attraction
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