• Are you tired of being approached by an army of recruiters? ?
  • Do you have the impression that you are being qualified by simple key words? ?
  • Have you once again received three offers for the same job today? ?

We understand you.
We really do.

We know that you are over-solicited.

Our company was built on thousands of hours spent in interviews, talking to talented candidates, working side by side with developers, architects, and managers. That's why we offer our candidates a different experience with a distinctive approach.

We offer our candidates opportunities that really fit their image. We tell you the whole truth about our clients: their culture, their environment, their people, and the opportunities you will find there in the medium to long term.

And because transparency is one of our values, we tell you what has and has not worked during the hiring process.

Why don't you see a list of jobs on our site ? We guarantee discretion and confidentiality to companies. Very often, our clients choose a search firm rather than an employment agency for positions of a strategic nature or in a confidential or highly competitive context.


Are you a seasoned consultant looking for a partner who can offer you a range of different mandates ?

Would you like to give consulting a try without the inconvenience of having your own company ?

Do you want to start your own business ?

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Together we find your winning conditions, consider us as your business partners.

Virage offers flexibility to experts who wish to work on consulting mandates, regardless of their initial employment status.

We treat our consultants with the same attention as our own employees.

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